Square Credit Card

The Square Credit Card device and app has made it incredibly easy for anyone to be able to receive payments from credit cards via their cellphones. As weird as this first seemed to many, it has proven itself over time to be very stable as well as reliable for money transfers and payments. The Square Credit Card device has made it so simple that even if someone owes you a few bucks you can receive it from them by just having them hand over their card and you swiping it to process the transaction. Crazy right? Well, apparently when people need to have the money there needed to be an easier way to collect the money owed and the Square Credit Card device is it. 

The Square Credit Card device is so small that all it takes to connect it to your mobile device is to plug it into your audio slot. At first glance it's just a cheap looking device with no moving parts of any kind. However, the Square Credit Card device proves to be a force to be reckoned with as it pioneers a new way of accepting credit card payments. Did you know that the device is also free? Yes, all you have to do is sign up for it and wait for it, wait for it in your mailbox, then charge people to your heart's content. There is also a signature requirement for your purchases to cost you only 2.75% of the charge + 15¢ per swipe. If you only swipe and don;t require signatures the charge per transaction is 3.5% + 15¢. Maybe for someone who is literally charging small amounts when they swipe this would not sound like such a great deal. But if you are perhaps a small business  performing a lot of credit card transactions then this would likely become something you would like to get your hands on. 


Apparently the Square Credit Card device works very well as you are very hardly going to find any bad reviews on this product other than from people who are only using it fr very small amounts all the time. Maybe the only complaint is that the Square Credit Card device is so small that people become afraid that they will lose it or something to that effect. Great thing that the device is provided free or else there would be a huge problem if the item was lost.

We think it's safe to conclude that the Square Credit Card device is totally taking over and making a name for itself in the marketplace. Specially for the small business owners, there is a lot of love growing for the Square Credit Card device that it is becoming a key device needed in the small businessman’s toolbox of sorts. As we mentioned before, if you aren't charging often or much at all, then the portion taken on each transaction by the Square Credit Card device would detour you from using the device and rightfully so. Even still, the Square Credit Card device will continue to make headway in the business world as more and more businessmen discover and develop a need for the device.